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     Apostle Walter L.  Barbour attended A&T State University, where he obtained a B.S. degree in Psychology; a Masters degree in Education and Counseling; and an Insurance Law degree.

     In Goldsboro, he has served on the Board of Mental Health and the Substance Abuse Advisory Board. He currently serves on the Harvest Time Board of Trustees in Carson, California.

     Before becoming a full-time pastor, he was employed by Broward County as Second Coordinator of the Broward County Block Grant Program; Broward County Board of Education; and Counselor at Hollywood Elementary School, all in Florida. He also served as Director of Admissions at Johnston Community College in Smithfield, NC and Attorney Negotiator for State Farm Insurance Company.

     Apostle Barbour received the Lord as personal savior at the age of eight; however, he strayed from the church for a number of years. It was in Florida where he re-dedicated his life to the Lord and where, subsequently, he accepted the call to the ministry. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, he soon returned to North Carolina.  In 1984 He established Victory Faith Outreach Center, Inc.

     Apostle Walter and his wife, First Lady Izola Barbour, have dedicated their lives to God and the ministry. Their God-given commission is, “Changing people’s lives through faith in God’s Word,” and ministering to the whole man, spirit, soul and body. God has blessed them with four children.

Our Leaders

First Lady Izola Barbour was born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida, the youngest of 15 children.  She attended and graduated from Paine College in the field of elementary education and started her career in Augusta GA.

First Lady Izola worked as an educator for 36 years serving in Florida,  Georgia and retiring from North Carolina. In 1963 she was married to Walter Barbour and they had 3 children.   


Married for 49 years, together they faced many challenges before and since embracing and supporting the call into ministry.  With over 34 years of working with children and women's ministry, First Lady Izola looks forward to seeing people grow.

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